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Trades Partners

Make money from your website visitors - Become an SHC Partner today

According to a recent survey carried out by AAMI, 40 per cent of business insurance policies sold online are bought outside normal business hours.
Having capitalised on this shift in purchasing behaviour, we’ve developed a range of innovative online commercial insurance software solutions which can be easily integrated into your business environment.

By joining the exclusive SHC Partner Program, your customers are able to instantly compare multiple quotes from leading insurers. They can then select and purchase the insurance policy that best suits their needs from the one website. Our online quoting and binding process only takes a matter of minutes, giving your customers instant cover and immediate access to their policy documents.

Call one of our team and take full advantage of SHC’s leadership in online products and services – become an SHC partner today!

Helping you online

Part of our service has always been engaging with our customers where and when they want to do business.
Being aware that households now spend as much time online as they do watching TV (Google August 2011
- ZMOT Report), we’re just as comfortable working in your boardroom or building site as we are working with you online.

In fact, SHC is leading the way for the online insurance sector. Our online platforms let Australians research,
compare products and ultimately buy the best insurance to fit their needs.

We’re competitive so you can be too

SHC has built a solid brand and business based on the ability to adapt to the changing needs of our clients.
By providing Australian businesses with cost saving and information tools, SHC is fostering a more competitive business framework for all involved.

How does it work?

SHC works with you to create your own branded insurance portal utilising the online application technology and back-end insurance systems we have custom-built over the last 10 years, saving you the expense of developing your own software!

By creating your own insurance portal, you earn commission when your customers purchase our insurance products from your site. You are then able to maximise earning potential by providing customers with SHC insurance products within your site, rather than risk losing them to an external insurance site.

Alternatively, you can create a link from your website to our Trades Insurance online site and earn commission when the traffic you drive to our site results in an insurance purchase within 30 days. Your customers will have access to a range of Trades Insurance options, as well as other personal insurance products including Car Insurance and Home & Contents Insurance. We then pay you a corresponding commission based on the type of insurance selected. We will provide you with monthly sales reporting utilising our in-house software and timely commission payments.

What are the benefits for your business when joining SHC?

Increase your revenue and profits.
Quick and easy to implement – software easily integrates into your IT environment.
Maximise your earning potential by providing a range of products and services with wide cross-selling opportunities.
Monthly tracking and reporting.
Competitive and rewarding commissions.
30 day cookie - if your customers purchase insurance directly on our website within 30 days of visiting, we will pay you commission.
Protect your profitability and avoid losing business to your competitors by providing customers with a one-stop-shop.
Access to our full online service insurance offerings.
Widen the distribution of your services by integrating with SHC through a significant partnership, where we promote your services.

What are the benefits for your customers when joining SHC?

Added value by increasing the range of services offered on your website.
Enhanced content - offer your users our full service online insurance services functionality.
Instant comparisons of multiple Trades quotes from leading insurers online, eliminating the need to visit other sites.
Instant cover by paying online and immediate access to policy documents.
Australian-based call centre with experienced and qualified staff.
Dedicated claims management service team helping your customers achieve the best possible outcome from claims and disputes with insurance companies.
More than 10 years’ experience with online insurance solutions.

Join the many satisfied partners that SHC has already teamed up with. Here’s what some of our partners are saying about working with us:

“By participating in the SHC Partner Program we increased our revenue by $60,000 in the first year and the additional revenue generated from online insurance policy sales is now worth $200,000 per annum.”

“We have been extremely happy with the results so far and the white labelling solution was really easy to integrate into our environment. I have no hesitation in recommending the SHC Partner Program to any business.”